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At 沙巴体育世界杯, the training students receive in Theatre & Dance is second to none. The rigorous, academically-focused 课程 challenges students as they develop their natural talents and discover skills that can lead to careers as professional actors like alumni 约汉斯·迈尔斯,塞缪尔·史密斯,查理哈德森和马库斯·亨德森. 学生们 choose their creative outlet in one of three Theatre emphasis areas – technical, performance, or theatre generalist – and gain the experience they need to get ahead as a member of the ASU Theatre & Dance Guild.

2017年春天带来的艺术(BFA)的第一个本科毕业的舞蹈类从部门和在全国任何HBCU。这些先驱者都为首的进一步研究,并开始自己的职业生涯作为专业舞者。芭蕾,现代舞,爵士舞,非洲和嘻哈:博鳌亚洲论坛通过专业四级以下各流派的接收的指令。要查看歌舞节目 点击这里。

ASU Theatre & Dance also prepares students for sustainable and lucrative careers as “behind the scenes” technicians, directors, stage managers, lighting & sound designers, costumers, make-up artists, choreographers, critics, and playwrights.

Realistic, hands-on experience is provided as students perform in and work on mainstage theatre & dance productions, the annual One Act Play Festival, Senior Dance Capstone Projects, and various special events presented throughout the year.



了解更多关于戏剧艺术的学士,探索 课程 课程:

  • 性能 - 表演,导演
  • 技术 - 集服装设计,灯光,音响
  • 影院多面手 - 管理,编制



了解更多关于舞蹈美术学士学位,并探索 课程 课程: