Alabama State’s 120th Founders’ Week Ends on a High Note

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From left, Pastor Ennis F. Tait, ASU President Quinton T. Ross Jr. and Trustee Brenda Brown Hunt.

By Christian Starkey/ASU Student Intern

Pastor Ennis F. Tait delivered an energetic speech at Alabama State University’s 120th Founders’ Day Convocation on Friday, Feb. 7, in the Dunn-Oliver Acadome.

Tait told the audience that he hopes they remember three points from his speech “Who Am I” -- faith, focus and follow through.

“A man without a vision is a man without purpose,” Tait said.

founders3Tait reminds the audience that the school’s founders, the Marion Nine, could not have possibly imagine the results of their efforts 120 years later,

“Their faith, focus and follow through gave them the chance to make something special happen,” Tait said. . 


“I had a 1.6 GPA.  I scored an 11 on the ACT… (Alabama State) took me in her arms like a mother would do,” he said.

John McIver, a music education and performance major, praised the speaker.

“The speaker emphasized the importance of having so much pride for your university,”  McIver said.